Body Modifications

So I was asking around for something to rant about for blogging purposes, and was told:

Rant about the conflicts between our generation and the previous generations in relation to body modifications. How for us its an expression of one’s self and that body modifications are a way to express ourselves non verbally. Because some people’s tattoo’s tell a story of their lives.

Not quite what I expected, but oh well, I’ll go with it.

So to get a good blog out of it I’d probably have to do some researching and what not, but this’ll just be my opinion, so oh well (:

So for my own body modifications, I have:

  • A lip ring
  • A nose ring
  • Two earlobe piercings in each ear
  • An industrial bar in my right ear
  • Used to have my belly button pierced

And plan to get a few more, as well as tattoos.

In our generation tattoos are seen as a way of self expression, and people tend to get them to stand out – and be unique. Having a few piercings myself I’ve done some research before hand & read others stories and opinions. A few I came across were seeing body modifications as the worst thing you could possibly do – someone even said that one day your kids will be looking at you and saying “why does mommy have holes in her face?”. A bit extreme if you ask me, but oh well, everyone has their opinion.

With a few piercings of my own, and having done two of them myself, I’m all for piercings – as long as you don’t take it overboard. Like the people you see in the book of world records – that’s a bit much. But as for expressing yourself through piercings & tattoos, go for it.

Some tattoo’s can tell a story, and truly mean a lot to that person. Like one of my friends who recently got a tattoo of his family crest, which I can imagine goes to show how much his family means to him. One of the tattoo’s that I’ve been wanting for quite a while now was one of my dad’s favourites lines.
Do not follow where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path, and leave a trail.
He past away about a year and a half ago, and this line has meant so much more to me ever since he’s been gone, and made a lot more sense. Why – I’m not sure, but it’s something I’ll always have in my mind.

I may or may not be done this 😛


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  1. I am more of a “temporary tattoo” person, but I never considered how much a tattoo could mean to someone! I assumed that if a person was willing to pay that much money and endure that much pain that it would have to have some meaning, but a whole story through a picture or a few words is really quite interesting! I looked up types of tattoos and there are generally 5 different types: traumatic tattoos (caused by injuries), amateur tattoos (Yikes!), professional tattoos, medical tattoos and cosmetic tattoos (permanent makeup, that would make mornings a lot easier!). I read this really interesting article on UV tattoos a while ago, and I think that it is really relevant to your post! Here are a few positives and negatives that I came up with: they are nearly invisible except under certain lights (black lights) but they are also new which means that they are expensive and possibly unsafe! Another positive is that they look pretty cool, so check out some pictures if you get a chance!

    • I agree! I was just looking at a guiness world records a few weeks ago, and I came across the page with the most piercings… its just not right.
      I have my ears and belly button pierced and its not over board.
      I think the guiness world records is all show.. why damage your body like that…
      and spacers..
      I DO NOT see the point of those… they just grose me out.
      thats a whole other story!

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