My Super Fabulous Journey Home

The other day I forgot to bring my iPod to school – giving me the privilege of listening to the other people on my bus. I learned how to lose weight – cause clearly I’m in need of dropping a few pounds, and like omg, like I totally like realized like, just how like totally awesome the word ‘like’ is. But that’s not even the best part. I then got the honor of listening to music that made me want to sing along and dance and love my life – you know the kind of music I always blast on my iPod anyway, loud enough to make my headphones explode, cause I enjoy things like that. Kind of like getting stung by multiple bees, or doing a belly flop, now that’s some serious fun.

Then there’s my awesome bus driver, who does a great job dealing with the children on my bus. I mean after all, aren’t we supposed to be allowed to lie on the seats with 5 other people on top? He looks like a pretty cool person though, just sitting there driving, ignoring everyone. He also has the need to continuously drive close to where the majority of us live, and back out to the middle of nowhere. Not that we don’t also live in the middle of nowhere, but compared to the rest of the people on my bus who get dropped off one by one, we live in a city. So we get to drive by farms; lots and lots of farms, filling the bus with the most sensational smell known to man. Please join me on my bus … please?

So after almost an hour of pure joy, I had to leave my bus. I don’t think I’ll ever get my license, or a car for that matter – simply because I love my bus ride home.


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