My Day Off / Addictions

So you may have noticed I wasn’t in class today, instead I was at home with an upset stomach (sounds lame I know, but I guess that’s what I get for having a little bit to drink at a Halloween party .. or you could just say my stomach hates me).

But anyway, I spent most of the day drinking ginger-ale, and watching videos on YouTube. But not a bunch of random videos (I guess they still are, but oh well) rather one guys vlog – all day. And I still haven’t gotten through all of his videos. It looks like he’s been at it for a while, so its not like he randomly decided to post hundreds of videos.
So on his vlog he gets people to send him entertaining viral videos, and talks / makes fun of them on his show. It’s pretty amusing, and kept my attention for most of the day .. so until my mom came home and kicked me off the computer.

Oh, and one other thing. Rachel was the one who introduced me to this vlog .. on Thursday. Before today I had only watched the ones that she had shown me, which isn’t much when you consider how many there are. I now have gotten through about 85 – 90% of them.

It’s amusing and obviously managed to keep my attention all day, so check it out when you can.

So now I’ve been introduced to three things since the start of school on the internet that I can blame for my lack of doing homework.

1. Gabby’s
2. Meghan’s
3. Rachel’s
Their names are linked to the sites, so just click on them.
And feel free to comment for any more amusing sites.

Two of these things I can blame on reading other people’s blogs.. just fyi
Thanks Cvetich 😛


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