RAWR! …and nothing.

So I asked around on facebook of what to rant about, seeing as I only have one post in my ‘rants’ section. I was given the suggestions of 3 people; ‘how school is a waste of time, boring and stupid’, ‘drama filled high school children’, and having nothing to rant about.

Admitedly, I’d do the ‘how school is stupid and a waste of time’ one in a flash, but seeing as this is for writers craft, I probably shouldnt. For the drama filled students, I also would, but I have nothing too decent to say, just that they annoy me. So I’m gona go with the last one.

I have nothing to rant about

I’ve already written about the annoying peple on my bus, and just about everything that’s been on my mind for the last few days. The only thing I haven’t said that’s been on my mind is how co-op stuff is stressing me out, and how badly I need to clean my room – fun stuff.

On a side note, someone’s facebook chat thing just ‘popped’. Not gona lie, everytime I go on the school computer I put my sound on mute, so no one can hear it/teachers can’t yell at me. I didn’t today though, and I was about to  mute it after hearing someone’s go off, but it was already turned down. So thank you person who was on this computer before me. 🙂

Oh, and on another completly random side note, I’m un-intentionally keeping my post number the same as the number of my comments.
I have 14 posts, and 14 comments at the moment. I might try to keep this going, just for fun.

With all due respect for this to be a rant about not having anything to rant about, I can’t think of anything else to say. So I guess it’s not really so much of a rant then just me going on about whatever comes to my mind. Which actually doesn’t sound too far off to what a rant is..
But oh well, I think I’m done for now.



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