College/University Collab?

So as most of you know I’m a 5th year, and thus am forced to do something with my life next year. My plan was to go to college for photography, but seeing as I’m taking a whole co-op class doing just that I figured I’d take a break, and take some computer geeky class – like computer animation. My mom decided to take me to Starbucks after my dance class tonight and start looking at what courses I have to choose from, and what I need to do. I chose to not look into the photography courses, seeing as I want to take a little break and do something different, but all of animation courses I looked at, you needed to have a post-secondary diploma, or something of equal value. Back to the drawing board.

So I suppose my ‘not take photography for a while’ plan isn’t going to work out so well. My plan was then to take photography, get a diploma, and apply to animation – which is alright, but not what I wanted to do. Oh well, it’s close enough.

Looking into the photography course and it’s prerequisites, it says you must have the following credit: ENG 4U. I’ll admit it, I’m not the brightest bulb in the pack, and thus I’ve taken all applied/college classes thus far. I didn’t even get my grade 12 english last year, I failed it, but got it in summer school (but I must say, if you take any class in summer school, English is by far the most awesome).

Apparently just the one college I’ve been wanting to get into is changing their photography course into collaboration with university’s, and changing the class so you get a degree – I guess that’s what the U english class is for then. But I’ve had this planned out since grade 11, when college was just college – you get a diploma, and university was university – and you get a degree. I still want to go to college for photography, and then continue onto computer animation, but for people like me, this is really going to (for lack of better words) fuck us over. If I would’ve known that they were going to become a college/university, I probably would’ve taken university english – but no. I just want a college diploma, not a college degree.

Another thing, why do they have to look at all your senior classes? My dad passed away in the middle of grade 11, and I only got 3 classes (technically 4, but I took one again last year in grade 12) that year (out of 6 – I dropped two). So my marks for that year aren’t the greatest in the first place, let alone a few of them had nothing to do with my plans in going on with photography. Last year I look grade 11 u/c math – originally I had taken essential, but that was way too easy, even for me – so I switched to u/c, and failed miserably. So this year I’m yet again in grade 11 college math, and doing pretty well. But they’ll still see that I dropped college math in grade 11, took u/c math in grade 12, and failed, and am now taking it for a third time.


So in conclusion, 




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  1. see that’s the same as needed calculus for psychology…darn requirements!

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