I Cant Think of a Title, So I’ll Just Name It This

If you read one of my earlier posts (I’m not sure what one), you should know that I’m trying to keep my post number the same or above the number of comments on my blog, just so I keep writing even if it isn’t really about anything. I’ll try to keep this going as long as I don’t spontaniously get raped with comments.

What to blog about ..
Not like anything’s happened so far today; I woke up, turned off my alarm, went back to sleep, woke up again & ran around getting ready for school, then sat on the bus for half an hour listening to music. When at school I went to the caff, got hugged, and laughed pretty hard when Gabby was explaining her bus ride, when her bus driver decided he would rather read some papers then steer properly.

And that’s my day so far.
Not really something that’s going to make a decently long blog post.

And In Other News;
My tea tastes a little weird, but it’s kept me warm so far today. Annd my iPod battery probably isn’t going to last for the rest of this period & my whole bus ride home..

I can’t even write about the music I’m listening to, mainly cause I can’t understand what they’re saying. My music taste is probably one of the most messed up ones out there. At the moment I’m listening to metal, but I also have techno, pop, r&b, and some country on my iPod. The only music I can’t stand is blue grass – I figured this out in grade 11 on the music trip to Nashville. Oh well, at least I got to take pictures during the show.

Ah, music trips. I could go on & on about my love for them. Even though I didn’t join music till grade 10, this year I’ll be going on my 4th and final music trip to Chicago. Thanks to music, I’ve gone to Quebec, Nashville, Boston, and come April, I’ll be in Chicago. Yay music (:

So I apologize for my random train of thought & breif trip down memory lane, but like I said, I’m desperate for stuff to write about today.

Toodles for now ♥


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  1. “I woke up, turned off my alarm, went back to sleep, woke up again & ran around getting ready for school…”
    That sounds exactly like my morning! I always think the night before that I will get up earlier and do something nice to my hair or finish up some work, but when the morning actually arrives, it is a “what on earth was I thinking!?” moment before I smack the alarm clock to turn it off and easily drift back to sleep.

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