Who Knew Nail Polish Could be so Amusing

Justin Bieber Launching Line of Nail Polish; No, Really
Leah Collins, Dose.ca

Because every little girl dreams of one day being as pretty as Justin Bieber, the teen pop star has announced his latest foray into celebrity-branding: a new line of nail polish. Arguably no less ridiculous than the title of his upcoming autobiography (Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever: My Story), the cosmetic line will be released by Nicole by OPI, with the first set of colours turning up exclusively at Walmart this December, AOL’s Style List reports.

As per Style List, Bieber has designed 14 shades for the One Less Lonely Girl collection of nail lacquers, each one supposedly inspired by his hits — and most of them varying shades of the kid’s favourite colour, purple. There’s “One Less Lonely Glitter” (a lavender polish), “Prized Possession Purple” (also purple), “Me and Blue” (dark blue), “OMB!” (bright red) and a bunch of other polishes that will do nothing to ingratiate The Bieb to the ever elusive teen-boy market.

Six of the planned 14 colours in the series will debut this December. According to the New York Daily News, the full line will be out by January.

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Well, this kind of made my day, and by that I mean I’ve been laughing at it for a while now.

Just wow.


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  1. OH MY GOD

    This is sad… OPI is the only nail polish I buy because it’s amazing and I love it… but now I’m just disappointed.

    Also… how do you pick a colour that’s inspired by a song? LOL I don’t see how that makes sense…


  2. Ahahahahahahahahahaha…i’m sorry was that out loud? and really? why nail polish? and okay his autobiography? he’s like what 16? my mother saw it and summed it up in three words… I WAS BORN…

  3. wow hehehehehe this just made me laugh 😛 like really nail polish?:s

  4. Okay I have to admit…the colours aren’t that bad.
    But still Nail Polish? He is a 16 year old boy and he’s releasing a line of…nail polish!? I really don’t like making fun of him cause he is just a kid doing his dreams and whatnot and I don’t think its fair to make fun of anyone without really knowing them. But I have to say that this is going to get him attention…and not the kind that I think he’ll like. But oh well he’s got his millions now, Oh the marketing ploy’s, they are endless even for a kid from Stratford.

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