Fail ?

I actually have something to write about 🙂

I was on the school website looking for something, and came across something completely unrelated; the school dance policy.
Most of it is pretty reasonable, but I have a few things to say about some.

4. All students will be required to leave their coats in the coat check provided, as there is not access to the rest of the school and school lockers during a school dance. All areas beyond the cafeteria and foyer are out of bounds.

I think I’ll pass on this one. I’d much rather leave my coat on the folded over caf benches if we’re at school. If, say, we’re at semi, I’ll just leave my coat on the back of a chair instead of standing in a massive line for an hour trying to get it back.

5. School rules and provincial laws regarding tobacco, alcohol and drugs will be strictly enforced and a police officer and vice-principal will be on-site to enforce these rules. Students suspected of consuming alcohol and/or drugs prior to, or at, a school dance will be sent home and further appropriate discipline will follow.

Students are reminded to dance appropriately (no ‘grinding’ please) and that the school dress code is also in effect. It is our intention to provide a safe environment for students to enjoy themselves without the pressure and complications of substance abuse and negative peer pressure.

Seriously? Do all the teachers just keep their eyes shut & pretend not to smell the people who reek of alcohol & weed at semi? Or does this just take effect for the people who are literally passing out on the dance floor because they’re too intoxicated / show up with nothing on at all.

6. Students must be prepared to leave the premises at the conclusion of the dance. Arrangements for transportation home should be clearly established before coming to the dance.

Honestly, this just makes me wonder how many people have hung around for the sake of having nothing better to do.

My point: the school sucks at enforcing rules.


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  1. i agree 🙂 dude at semi i got scared for life and saw parts of people i never wanted to see! like there were so many teachers there and security and nobody really enforced the rules!

  2. My fave part of semi? leaving. too many sluts and skanks for it to be enjoyable. It’s really sad when you lose all respect for your classmates after you see their drunken stumbling and their asses hanging out of their dresses.

  3. I’d say that for a lot of the younger kids semi is the first time that they’re drinking hard. They get caught up in the excitement and the peer pressure and end up embarrassing themselves. The school isn’t enforcing the rules because its virtually impossible. A fair number of the seniors have at least had a couple drinks before coming to the dance. As far as the “slutty” dancing, thats just a fact of the dance.

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