Since I havent blogged in a while I’m just gona spam wordpress with multiple posts today.
So there’s a couple things I’ve been meaning to rant about at some point:

1. Younger people getting spoiled for Christmas.

At my dance class on tuesday nights, we were to ‘sign in’ and say what we got for christmas. It’s a competitive class, but I’m the only one who’s older then a grade 9. Some of the gifts they were saying were something like laptops, DVD players, iPod touches, ect. Me? Fuzzy socks with frogs on them that squeek. I’m quite aware that I’m a kid at heart, but really. I’m also the tech geek of the family / plan on going to college at the end of this year for tech related stuff, and the only tech related thing I got was a usb stick. I’m not trying to sound like an un-greatfull brat, but really, why are grade 7s getting all the good stuff?

2. College applications.
To sum it all up, AHHH! =D
I’m nervous & completly excited at the same time, I can’t wait to get away and have complete freedom, and not have to get up at 6 every week day.
You can apply at up to 5 different schools, so I made the best of it.
Fanshawe – Photography
Senica – Digital Media Arts
Durham – Digital Arts: Animation
Centenial – Digital Animation
Georgian – Digital Photography & Imaging

I’ve gotten confirmation letters from Georgian & Centenial, and emails from Fanshawe & Durham. But nothing from Senica, which was the course I wanted to do most, so hopefully they’re just being slow.
As I meantioned in a previous post / if you can’t already tell, I’m excited x1000 🙂

I had a list of like 5 different things I wanted to include in this, but I can’t remember, so I’ll just update later.


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