Writer’s Brick Wall of Shame

(similar to writers block)

So as most of the people reading this know already, we’re supposed to be writing a short story for class.

As you may have noticed, I love writing, and computers, which makes it easy for me to blog. But no matter where or how you make me do it, I fail at short stories. Even back in grade 2 when we had to write 3 paragraphs, with about 3 sentences each, I hated it.

My main story I used to re-write every year for a different teacher was about a girl, who had some lame dream about being attacked in some way or another, woke up and “Phew, it was just a dream”, (come to think of it, it kind of sounds like The Wizard of Oz). And that was the title too, Just a Dream. I can even remember the pictures they made us draw with them; in one scene the girl (Crystal was usually her name) was backing up from something in the middle of no where, when suddenly the corner of a brick wall appeared out of no where behind her, and she was trapped. This was my grade 2 or 3 version.

My point being, I stink at writing short stories.

Ps. Cvetich, if your reading this, I appologize if my story this year sounds similar to what I meantioned above – just carrying on the tradition. Though I don’t actually have any idea as to what I’m going to be writing about at the moment.


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  1. I usually try to come up with some brilliant idea and then end up just looking around the house for inspiration. A toothbrush turns into a magic toothbrush or more likely the main character is a dentist. Maybe in this year’s version your main character could be a boy who wakes up to Nelly singing “Just a Dream”?

  2. Of course I read this…there is no easy way around writer’s block except to write…invent a character, start describing him/her, then have her do something…anything…don’t worry about plot…keep writing until you have filled page…stop and read over what you have…pick something from your page that catches your eye and start again, focusing on that one thing, then just keep scribbling…don’t stop to edit until have at least 500 words…don’t worry about what it is about…just write…


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