Soo ..

Basically, I don’t have anything to blog about. Rachel’s not being to helpfull either 😛

I guess I can just talk about what happened last night, so here goes.

Last night I had to go to Seneca (at York) and write an aptitude test (no, not altitude). Part one of the test we had to tell them why we wanted to be involved in their media arts course, and a couple other questions along the lines of that. So when that was done, we got to do some storyboarding, draw 2 designs that could go on a snowboard, and draw logos for a variety of companies.

I started with the snowboard one, cause I knew that would be the easiest, moved onto story boarding, got stuck, moved onto the company logos, got stuck went back to storyboarding, and so on and so forth.

To get us to finish faster, the instructor told us that his mom had been texting him wondering where her little prince was. But he had that tone of voice that was kinda like if you were to laugh he would stare at you awkwardly and ask you why you were laughing, so to say the least, it was kind of awkward.

Overall, not what I expected (though I didn’t really know what to expect), but it was still a pretty awesome experience. And needless to say, I really want to get in.

Ps. their course has a website that’s


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  1. I’m so glad I didn’t have to do any extra testing or anything for my university programs but those drawings sound so cool. Like designing a snowboard? That would be so fun! Good luck 🙂

  2. Don’t know what to blog about? You are supposed to blog about a number of things: a current news event; an issue from the arts; a piece of your own writing. See, I try to help you with ideas-and you get marks…


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