I Actually Have .. Free Time ?

As I’ve already ranted about several times, between choirs, Footloose, dance, college stuff, and homework, lately I haven’t had much time to myself. So now that Footloose is over, I honestly feel like I havent been doing anything lately. I’ve been able to play Wii, hang out with my boyfriend, and still have time to get stuff done. Next thing on my list, finish the in-car part of drivers training.

I don’t actually plan on buying a car, or driving a whole lot, but while I’m still in high school it’ll be nice to drive myself around after school – assuming my mom will let me use the van.

But anyway, I’m actually sad that Footloose is over. I had a great time doing something different, made new friends, and got to hang out with my old ones a lot. Though it is nice to have some time and be able to go home after school, I might actually miss running around trying to do everything all at once. And come to think of it, next years going to be even more lacking in stuff to do, just school & possibly a job.


Posted on March 8, 2011, in Randoms. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. oh they joy of free time!!! its just so great!

  2. i know the feeling…i actually feel that i have no life now that footloose is over…that and KIM GET YOUR IN CAR DONE!!! lol i love you ❤

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