Bonjour Mes Amis !

Lets play a quick game of wheres Kim. READYSETGO
Ontario? Wrong.
Canada? Wrong.
Hint: it’s currently 3:30 am here
If you guessed France, then I either told you where I’m going, you have me on facebook, or you looked up time zones. But more specifically, I’m in Paris, France.

Welcome to the land of amazing food, fashion, and tourists who wake up at 3am to their stomach rumbling. So far while here I’ve learned a few things:
1. If they say no smoking, they give you an ash tray anyway
2. Everyone smokes
3. If you want to find a bakery, you have to wander up and down 30 tiny streets
4. You can pretend you’re in basically in any part of the world, with restaurants that range from Chinese, to Lebanese, to good old fashioned pizza, and only have to walk 5 minutes from your hotel.
5. Everything is art, from the graffiti to tomb stones. See, people here actually take time to graffiti walls, with colours, shading, and amazing calligraphy – as opposed to just ‘sup’ scribbled in black spray paint. 95% of coffins are above ground, have the ‘family name’ written on the short side, and have some kind of decoration molded onto the top.
6. You must say hello to EVERYONE, or else they get offended.
7. People here are very polite
8. “Here we don’t shoot each other, however we do like to pick-pocket you on the trolly”
9. I’ve never wanted some kind of foreign accent more then I do now, and I wonder if there’s people over here who often practice having a Canadian or American accent.

And so far that’s it, not bad for only one day.

Au revoir pour l’instant ♥


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