Parlez-vous anglais ?

Salut, bonjour .. hey.

So it’s Paris day two, we went to the Eiffle Tower, walked for a good 3 hours, and rode the metro in the wrong direction to the hotell.

I don’t know what it is, weather it’s the Eiffel Tower sales people who basically harrass you into buying their crap, my lack of knowing what people are saying to me, and vice versa, not being able to walk one minute without inhaling someones cigarette smoke, jetlag, or just the fact that I’m away from all my friends, but my concience decided to kick in to make my day even better. (or maybe its because my pizza keeps falling appart :P)

I know, I need to do a billion things for school and then some, like writing a letter of intent for a college that’s 3 hours away from my house & getting a portfolio together by monday, while I’m in France, and most of my pictures are at home.

– breathe in, breath out –

I suppose I should stop complaining about my life, considering that at the moment I’m in France, so brain, stfu.
Au revoir for now, and here’s hoping that tomorrow is better.


Posted on March 14, 2011, in My Life, Rants. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Did you go during the day or at night. Because they are like ten times worse at night. And how’d you like the eiffel tower gift shop?

  2. We went during the day the first time, but at night the second. They seemed better at night actually O.o

    Twas good (:
    I felt kind of stupid though, cause I bought silly bands & a shot glass at the same timee.

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