Bonjour et youpi pour le café

So if you couldn’t tell from the title, France is turning me into a bit of a coffee person. But that’s not what I wanted to talk about.

Here’s another list, but this time about the weird/annoying/whatever kind of things:

1. So yesterday we visited yet another church, woo. But on the way to leave the church, we had to go past a group of apparently not so friendly people whom we were supposed to ignore, and past some other people who creativly harass you (actually that kinda sounds like something from Dorra the Explorer). So we went around the people we were supposed to ignore, and when it came to the other group, they’re kind of not so easy to pass by. One guy decided to ignore my mom though, and come after who else, but me. So these people say some random word to you to get you attention, try and tie something to your arm, and harass you from there. I forgot about this though, and when some guy came up to me and said “Lady Gaga” I was thoroughly confused and amused. My immediate reaction was to say no anyway, and pull my arm away, so he left me alone. But honestly, I’d have fun going up to random people & be like APPLE FRITTER (just without the harassment).

2. The people on the metro. (the metro is basically the subway in Toronto) So apparently people like to try and get money from people while on the metro in various ways. So far I’ve seen: A guy playing the flute, a guy playing the acordian, someone with either knees that bend backwards or some crazy ability crawl up the train & beg, and someone who just put a piece of paper beside us explaining his story, then coming by later & picking it up / possibly money someone gave him. And that’s just the people ON the metro.

3. The food.
So my mom & I decided to order room service, and got some shrimp & noodle thing. I guess the shrimp brain is a delicacy here, so the restaurant leaves the head on. And let me just say that I never ever ever want to experience this again. For starters, when the shrimp came, all you could see was the heads & the legs, and when I got my mom to take the heads off, brown liquid came out, and she gladly poured it onto my noodles. I later found out that this could have been the brain. And I’ll just end this with I’ve been very disturbed since.

4. THE CROSSONTS HERE ARE LIKE HEAVEN. (as well as the baguettes, cheese, meats, and pretty much every other food.)

Also, you may be wondering why I’m writing at 4 am, (or not) but we’re ahead of Canada (time zone wise) by 5 hours (it would have been 6 if yous didn’t do daylight savings time).

And that is all (:
Parlez-en à vous plus tard ♥


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  1. Wow, what an interesting March Break you have experienced! I can’t wait to hear and read more about your adventures! I am in Florida right now, less exotic than France, but fun nevertheless!

  2. Wow-you are going to have a million things to chooose from for your travel writing assignment!


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