More Crazy-ness !

Soo now that Footloose is done, and march break is over, its back to work for me. Not just school, but my 4 dances and of course, choir. Last Saturday it was my competitive group’s fist comp, and we got second place (:

Aside from dance, there’s of course school, which for a while now has kind of been put on the back burner. I have a media project that’s due tomorrow, but I highly doubt it’ll get done, there’s a bunch of things I need to do for writers craft – including blogging, so I’m getting back on track a little 🙂 co-op stuff’s been dealt with/mostly finished, I’ve applied for a summer job, annnnd I think that’s it ? Now I just need to get college portfolio’s & letters done.

Ooh, my comp dance group has another competition on Thursday (figures, I have a dance comp during the week, and it’s on the literacy test day anyway), so if you want to come out to Vaughn (I think that’s where it is), feel free to cheer us on !

Wish me luck !
Tooodles ♥


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