Pre-Freshman Excitement

fihdsaifh !!
For once, I bring non-depressing news !

So yesterday, my mom, boyfriend, and I went to Hamilton to visit Mohawk once again. But this time, so I could check out a room in a house not far from the school. A few of you may recognize the name Vikki Atherfold (woo!), we’ll be livin together! For only $450 a month a little room in a house of six rooms beside the kitchen is mine, which means I get to decorate it however I want – well, to a point.
(so if I post pictures up you’re gona help me out, right? – that’s what I thought :D)
It’ll take some getting used to, being away from home, having to buy my own groceries, getting to walk to school, and being the youngin in the house – or at least on the main floor.
First, there’s Vikki, who’s 20 😛
And the other girl on our floor, Sonya, who neither of us have actually met, who’ll be starting her second year of college apparently, so technically she could be the same age as me, but I’ll still be the newby.

So here’s to pre-freshman excitement !
I can’t wait ! 😀


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  1. sounds so very exciting!! and oh for sure ill help 😛

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