The Down Side

I love going on school trips, especially the music trip which I have been looking forward to every year for the last 4 years. but this year, going to Chicago, was the last year I’ll be going on a W.O. music trip.

While being all pumped up for college next year, it’s been hard to see what things I’ll be missing out on back home – that is until the Chicago trip. Well, not quite. First Footloose, then France, then Chicago. Each thing making me slightly more aware of the next thing coming up, and soon being over, and then good bye high school.

I’m still pumped to go off to Mohawk next year, just not so excited to leave high school friends & experiences behind; so it evens out mostly.

They say you learn something new every day, and for the last little while I’ve been learning not to just look forward to stuff, but to treasure the time while your doing the looked forward to stuff. I guess that’s some good advice for life over all too.

And well, that’s probably the cheesiest post I’ll write, but hey, its true.
So here’s to exams, sumatives and graduation.

Toodles ♥


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  1. Awee Kim, I’m going to miss you ❤ i mean who else lives at my house on thursday nights? but on the bright side i won't mistake you for my cat anymore…maybe…who knows :p

    just remember that you'll still have the green vests that we rock every year and you won't have to deal with some people anymore and you'll make new friends, and you'll have an amazing time, and i might make random visits to see you and kidnapp you for a day :p hmmmm…that sounds like a plan…that is what i'm to do.

    Kim Fischer you are being kidnapped :p

  2. Heh (:
    In that case when I come back to visit I’ll have to buy a pair of cat ears first, just cause it’d be fairly amusing in general.

    Tis truee, and sounds good xD
    You’re coming down to help decorate my room first though

    • Well Duh :p i wouldn’t miss that for the world! and hehe i have a pair of bunny ears :p i’ll wear them when we decorate 😀

      Oh and if you end up getting smacked in the middle of the night just asume it’s me…and just asume that i think you’re my cat…and if it’s not me and some random child i would advise you to run…or hit them with a frying pan :p

      • Okay, we’ll just have an animal party ^^
        I’ll duct tape my door shut so no small children get in 🙂
        But yes for frying pan weapons xD
        Oooh ! I’ll just boobie trap the door at night

  3. that is some good life advice there! its so true cause you have so many new thing coming your way all the time and the times you have already had are beging to grow farther away but they are growing even closer to your heart because you treasure those mom,ents more as you relize your growing up!

  4. it won’t let me reply to your comment 😦

    so for this party we need, ears, tails, Duct tape and maybe some food and the frying pans to cook the food in 🙂
    you can use them as self defense weapons after we clean them :p

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