Politics & Some Other Stuff

After an hour of dance & covered in sweat, I unwillingly got to go to (don’t quote me on this, cause I have no idea what it’s actually called) the thing where the local people for each party for the elections answer questions and talked a bit about what their goals are. This meeting was at the old New Hamburg arena, which felt strange, because 5 or 6 years ago on that same stage, the drama summer camp that I went to that year performed our rather lame attempt at a mini play, I believe of Jack & the Bean Stalk – in which I was a cow.

It’s interesting – not so much listening to what they say, but watching the people around you. There’s the ones who are scribbling on their note pad whenever someone says anything, others who vigorously nod & smile along with the things they apparently agree with, the children who got dragged along with mom or dad, and the people like me, who subconsciously listen while staring off into space.

As for what was actually said, not too exciting, but it’s elections, which isn’t an overly exciting thing to begin with. Of course you have the ones that try & get their party name stuck in your head by unnecessarily repeating it 5 times for every question, the other party that has good ideas and just seems to be re-wording what they’ve been saying for every other question, and those who just answer the question, plain and simple. Though I do have to say the guy who just reworded everything was kind of amusing.
“insert question here”
“…we need to save the environment, starting with fuel efficiency (insert mini rant)”
“insert second question here”
“…we want to support (insert post-secondary class names that have something to do with environmental health here)”
“insert third question here”
“… (something to do with hybrid cars)”
Obviously this is the green party, and it could have just been the guy who was representing them who apparently is new to election stuff, but it just seemed like the same things over and over.
But as far as amusement goes, that’s about as good as it got.

So did going to this help me decide who I’m voting for? Not really.
But I guess I had nothing to loose.


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  1. Is it bad that the only thing i got out of your blog about polotics is that you would make an incredibly cute cow?

  2. Lmao, that’s understandable

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