Simple Minds & Things to do

I came onto wordpress with the intentions of writing something that no one will really care about, but its still writing none the less. Either way, I forgot what I was planning on saying, so I guess this will be a mindless rant of the things going through my head.

First off, Business class – aka where I am right now.
Have you ever had those people in class where no matter what the teacher says, they still seem to have no idea what’s going on? Yeah, those are the people who sit accross from me. Actually, it’s just the one, and if her friends aren’t in class, she suddenly understands everything, or seems to hide her lack of not knowing much. No matter how quiet and hard working the rest of the class is, she’s always talking weather to her friends, or asking the teacher mindless questions, then asking “are you serious?” in reply. I hate the fact that you can’t ignore these kinds of people, you can just wish they’d stop talking, turn on your iPod, and make the best of it (that is if you remember to bring your iPod 😦 ). Anyway, my point being is that this one person seems to make me dread coming to this class.

In the classes that I need some time to finish said projects & assignments, their due the next day. And in the one class where she gives us lots of time to do a series of simple projects, I’m usually done within 2 classes, with 4 more classes left to finish. Then I end up right where I am now, writing blogs trying to somewhat effectivly use my time since everything else is at home.

Side Notes:
1. It’s mine & my boyfriend’s one year today. So, yay (:
2. I’m pretty sure my teacher meant to say black-outs, instead of brown-outs, but knowing my luck that could be a thing too.
3. I spend too much time on the computer at home. Why? Every time I sit down in business class my first instinct is to take off my shoes.
4. Even though my phone is in my pant pocket, I mainly feel it vibrate in my foot.

Toodles for now ♥


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  1. Hey Kim i know how ya feel about the people in class…you should see some of the people in my home room class…ughh…but hey i just zone them out then rant about them later :p

    Oh btw congrats to you and mark…again…and yes yes you do spend too much time on the computer…but i love you anyways…hmmm…well considering my post publisher thing isn’t working i’m just going to comment on a lot of stuff 🙂

  2. Lol in my homeroom people burn their clothing, or at least thats what it now smells like.

    & Thankies xD
    Feel free to comment on more of my stuff lol

  3. conrgrats!!!! on the one year girly!!:) and inkow ezactly what you mean botu those types of people in class i totaly agree:P

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