Random Things

I don’t have a whole lot to talk about, but one things for sure, this week hasn’t been my week. On sunday morning I lost my phone (in my house at least) and have yet to find it. Monday after dance my sinuses decided to all clog up, and my throat just felt like crap. Yesterday I woke up and the promise ring that my boyfriend gave me for our one year was gone. Lets just say that last one resulted in me flipping the couch I slept on, twice in order to find it. As for my phone, it’s still missing, but it’s not a big deal to me.

What else ..
This week was bring your friend to dance week at my dance studio.
Monday I brought along Meghan & Rachel for lyrical & jazz
Yesterday I brought Frances Malarky – who some of you may know.
Me bringing along Meghan resulted in her saying that she wanted to being me to her dance sometime, highland dance of all things, so that should be interesting. As for Rachel, she’d taken jazz & balet before, so it wasn’t too bad for her. Then yesterday, Frances came to my competitive dance class, she currently dances and has for years, so I assumed that she’d do fine. But being a competitive class, we had to work on our routine, instead of teaching our friends comp hip-hop, they just got to watch and eat crackers & cheese.

Oh, one more random thing
On friday I get to go to Mohawk and write an english assesment, so, yay ? I don’t imagine it’ll be too bad, but it decides how many english classes we have to take. So if you do really well, you don’t have any. If you do bad, the max you have to take is 3.
So, here’s to good grammar & spelling 😛

Toodles ♥


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  1. I so wish I could have gone to the Ballet one. I love Ballet… and gymnastics… I can’t do either… But I still love them 🙂

    • I’m not in ballet though >.<
      I took ballet when I was like 5, got bored after a month and switched to jazz, so that's my opinion on it anyway – at least from back then 😛

  2. That was some high quality cheese I recieve. And dont forget, we got suckers too !

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