I don’t have a calculator, but I do have 10 minutes

So as I would’ve hoped you figured out by reading the title:
I’m in math class
We’re in the library working on what I think is part 1 of our summative
I don’t have a calculator
The one on the computer isn’t cooperating
Thus I have nothing else to do

If you actually managed to guess all that .. good on you, cause I definatly wouldn’t have.

Homework wise, this weekend didn’t go as planned, but either way it was still pretty fun.

Ohh, on friday like I meantioned, I went to Mohawk to write the english assessment to figure out how many english courses I have to take. We had to write an essay on multitasking and answer some multiple choise questions. I got 5/9 or something like that on the essay and 82% on the questions. Either way, I’m only in one english class next year, yay (:

Anyway, I’m pretty sure the bell is about to ring so I should go, and Sara says hi.

Toodles ♥


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