Website, Food & Pictures

Soo as some of you may know, for my business IT class we were asked to design a logo, website, business cards, and a letter head for the company Wilkare Tooling. Two classes ago we went around from computer to computer and commenting on what we liked/didn’t like about others designs & ranked them, and last class, we found out the order of said rankings (well just the, top 4). And, GUESS WHO’S WON ?! 😀
Yeah, mine 😛
But things aren’t over yet, the top 3 are getting sent to Wilkare Tooling for them to decide from. We were told that the new website would be up probably as soon as they pick, so I now have a new tab on my internet

(that thing)
and is now being refreshed a couple times a day.


Yesterday was Victoria day, and its pretty much the one time a year where people come to New Dundee (aka where I live) to do stuff, instead of the other way around. Besides waving to all my Dundee friends in the parade and feeling like I’ve aged a million years since I’ve actually just watched this parade instead of being in it myself, I got to eat waaay to much sugary food; ughhh.


I’ve just found out that while editing pictures I need something to listen to in the background, like music, youtube videos, ect. But while blogging, this music need to be turned off.

And that’s all for now,
Toodles ♥


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