Something Else in My Closet

Lately I’ve been trying to blog every other day or so, mainly because it would make my calander look kinda cool, but throw in a better grade and that’s just a bonus. If you’ve just looked at my calander & realised that I should have posted something yesterday rather then today, yes, I know.
Anyway, I’ve been coming up with random topics to blog about that just randomly pop into my head, and so, heres one.

Team/club Jackets
When I was younger I was on a baseball team, and since we won the ORSA thing we got team jackets (I only remember what it was even called because we got to ride around on I think a fire truck and chant “ORSA CHAMPS”). I still have this jacket, but the last time I actually wore it was in grade nine.

This year I was in 4 dance groups and 3 choirs; the best thing we could get for either were track pants. Before I went to France and bought a couple jackets there, I was caught in the ‘it’s to cold to wear a t-shirt outside but too warm for a sweater’ thing. This isn’t the greatest reason for wanting team/club jackets, but hey, it’s a reason none the less. There’s also a better chance at someone else from that team/club to be wearing that jacket as opposed to track pants, and if you don’t want to be wearing the same thing as them, you can just take it off (I suppose you could take your pants off, but unless you’re living in Meghan’s pantless society, that might be a bit awkward).

Walking around the school there’s almost always someone with some kind of sport groups jacket on from the school, yet none of the sport groups I’ve been a part of at W.O. have ever had a team jacket. You could say I’m complaining or just wanting another jacket to wear, but I kind of wish I had more then one team jacket hanging in my coat closet.


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  1. You’ve got a writing voice(witty, funny, observant) that never comes out in class-I hope you voice it more out loud for others to hear next year. Good luck,


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