One Week Later

First off, this feels kind of weird, just writing for the fun of it instead of for class.

So, it’s been a little over a week since my only exam, and living in the middle of nowhere without a car isn’t the most fun I’ve ever had, as hard as that may be to believe. I’ve spent most of my time on the computer or watching tv, when there’s still a bunch of things that I could be doing instead. There’s:
1. Cleaning my room
2. Cleaning my closet
3. Doing laundry
4. Working
5. Starting to pack for September
6. Laptop searching for September
7. Paying my fees for school next year (I guess I could have just summed most of that up with college stuff)

and there’s probably other stuff that I’m leaving out.
At the moment, I’ve had about 3 hours of sleep, but my body won’t let me go back to sleep – so I guess I could put that on my list of things to do.

8. Sleep

So, that’s kind of it.
Sorry about my lack of having anything too interesting to talk about.

Toodles ♥


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