A Little Bit of Make-up and Not Enough Time.

Picking a college (or university) is kind of like picking what make-up you want from the store. (if there are any guys reading this, no this mostly won’t be about make-up, so please, keep reading).

Picking up make-up you assume that once your outside you will tan, and thus not be so much of a lighter shade any more, and so, you pick up a shade in between what you are now, and what you think you will be come the summer (or maybe that’s just me). As for how this ties into deciding a post-secondary school, its pretty much the same concept. You pick the school you like the most at the time, and think will be a good choice for the duration of your time there.

Well here’s the thing – I stink at picking out make-up; I currently have two bottles of it that are still too dark for my skin, and it’s practically the middle of summer. And at the moment, I’m kind of wondering if the same thing runs true for picking out colleges.

You see, today I received a letter from the college that I had initially planned on going to. After a while, it got close to the due date of picking which place I would go to, and so not hearing back from that college, I picked somewhere else assuming that they weren’t planning on accepting me. The letter I received today from the college I wanted to get into stated that I had got in. And now, I’m thrown way off.

I have a place in Hamilton practically across the street from the college that I accepted at, I’ve been paying rent for it since April, and I pretty much had everything planned out for going there.

At the place that I just got accepted to, I like the course a lot better then the one in Hamilton, and I would be doing a lot more then just photography. Only thing is, I don’t have a place, and would figure out what to do with my Hamilton house.

Oh, and did I mention that the letter says I have until tomorrow to decide ?



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