Just a Couple of Things

I know I know, I haven’t blogged in a while, but I’ve discovered a couple of things. Not things that are long enough to get their own blog post, and so, here they are all bunched together.

1. I’ve had dreams where I win a lot of money, wake up, and discover that I no longer have that money (damn). But what I’d rather have from my dreams are the pictures I take. Come to think of it, that sounds kind of ‘deep’. Though the real reason I wish I could do this was because I had a dream, that I met with a youtube celebrity. Not all too deep.

2. For a while I haven’t been the biggest fan of growing up, and more or less kept looking back on my past, and realizing how much I miss it. Well, recently one of my friends who I’ve known probably since the good ol’ Wilmot Senior days, got married. It was a nice feeling actually knowing what all the inside jokes were about, and getting to laugh along with those in the bridal party. Moral of the story, I’ve learned that growing up isn’t all bad; there’s at least a few things to look forward too, like marriage.

3. I’m moving soon ! And with that, I’ve picked out my timetable (not that I had any choice as to what time I wanted to go to what class), paid my tuition, still have a room, and have started moving some things, two major things that are left: buy a laptop & buy books. So in case you care, my schedule goes a little something like this:
8am: Image inspiration
2pm: Business of photography

10:30am: Light & colour

1pm: Fundamentals of digital photography
4pm: Language

11am: Motion photography basics

8am: Language
10am: Intro to editing software

Which is a grand total of 18 hours a week.

And on that note, I’ve now ran out of things to say.
So, Toodles ^^ ♥

Ps. sorry I haven’t been blogging a whole lot lately, if I did, it would go something like ‘I wish I had something to do besides play games & watch tv, so basically I wish I had a car to go with my license’ type thing.

So like I said before, toodles (:


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