Tales from the Big City

While I’ve still been getting used to life in the city, I’ve stumbled upon a couple things to talk about, other then “hey a cow was walking around on the football field today”. Don’t get me wrong those stories are awesome too, but seeing as I’m a ‘small town in the middle of nowhere’ girl, the city and college have been fairly amusing, at least to me.

1. So last night, one of my roommates and I went on a bus adventure; long stroy short, we got lost. But once we finally got on the right bus back home (around 9pm), an older man who was carrying a shopping bag got on the bus. A couple minutes passed, and he reached in his bag, pulled out a can of beer, and proceded to drink it. Now I know I’m still ajusting to the city life, so I must ask, is that something that I should get used to? I mean I’ve taken the subway in Paris France, and believe me, some of the people over there managed freak me out and they weren’t even talking in english, but this was new.

2. In one of my classes, the teacher (Gerry) likes to ask a lot of questions and make jokes, and a lot of the time the class isn’t all that responsive. He then responded with “what is it anal tuesday or something?”.

3. We watched this in class http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_AGsCUzroQ (same teacher).

4. English prof: I have A.D.D as you might figure out, but it can be fun sometimes hey look squirrel.
Nuff said.

5. There’s an ice cream truck ! 😀

So I’m probably forgetting a bunch of random moments too, but I’m sure you get the point. And if anyone in my classes feels the need to remind me of any of those moments, feel free to comment.

Toodles for now ♥


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