Slightly Depressing Update.

Hello there, just thought I’d give a little update.
Things at college have been awesome lately, things outside of that, well, they’ve been better.

Lately I’ve been a little home sick, kinda like it was in France, but here at least they speak in english. I guess that’s why it’s taken a little bit longer to set in. Now don’t get me wrong, I love life on my own, college, and the friends I’ve made here so far, but it’s just a big change. I’ve lived in the same house my entire life until now, I’ve always had at least one of my parents by my side, and I’ve always had a decent sized group of friends. It’s a little weird looking back, cause come to think of it, I’ve never really had to make my own friends. My first friend in preschool came up to me and flat out asked if I wanted to be friends, to which I said okay. Since then friends have come into my life through current friends, and others left; that’s just the way it’s always been. I’m not saying I’m not making any friends (as hard as it may be to believe, I am), I’m just saying that it’s weird not having at least one person that was here before. I think the only friends I’ve even seen in the last month are Mark & Rachel ♥.

Long story short, I’m kinda starting to miss life living in the middle of nowhere and everything that came with it, especially the friends who I got to see almost every day. Though I guess with every new beginning, some things get left behind.

Ps. We get a week off school sometime in October, so naturally I’m gonna go visit W.O, just a heads up šŸ™‚

Toodles for now ♥


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