A Hurt Ear and The Simple Life.

Why am I awke right now ? Easy, my ear hurts.
My boyfriend and I put mini spacers in on saturday so I’d blame it on that, but it’s the inside part that’s hurting (if that’s still somehow related, I don’t know).
There’s one thing that you may not know about me, is that I’m the biggest worryier on the face on the planet. Weather there’s one reason to be scared of something hurting of if there’s 100, I’ll be parinoid untill the last pain goes away. Well let me tell you, since september its been one fun year as far as different aches and pains go. My stomach cramped randomly apparently for no reason said the doctors, my heart felt like it’s fluttering (no, not the mushy romantic feeling either), just last week my face (sinuses) felt like someone had dropped a bag of bricks on it, my head’s randomly felt like it was going to explode because of the pain, and now this. I’ve never felt more parinoid and like I’m falling appart then I do now.

Recently I’ve just felt like just giving up on life and lying in bed, cuddling up with Mark (my boyfriend) for a couple days, or at least have a break and get away from the big city for a little while. Too bad life just isn’t that simple. You need money to have a room, and a bed, a blanket, a car, somewhere else to stay, and in order to get that money it requires you to do something other than just laying in bed and enjoying the little things around you. I wish that’s how we could live life.

It’s kinda funny what a hurting ear and being tired and parinoid can lead you to think about. If only I could write my reports this easily.
As for ranting about my program here at college, I’ll save that for another day.


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