College Rant (& I need a hug)

Okay, I haven’t ranted in a while, so I figured it might help at the moment.
So here’s the deal, I’m studying photography at mohawk college, it’s the first year that the program has ran, and basically, I’m not happy. I’ve been patient, since it is the first year that the program has ran, I’ve given this program and its teachers some slack, but even now that everything is set up and running smoothly, we’re still not accomplishing anything. We come to class, expect to stay for the 3 hours it says on our schedual, we’re givin another project with no advice, and 20 minutes into class we’re let go. If I wanted to be doing that, I would’ve just gotten a job instead of paying to ‘learn’. I didn’t really mind this at first, but “yay short classes” quickly turned into “okay, now I want to do something else”. Now I’m not saying we haven’t done anything, but what we have done feels like we’ve done it a million times.

For the most part, everything I already know about taking pictures and editing I’ve either taught myself or been taught through examples, trial and error. I feel like I’m not learning anything by just being told “do this, this and this and voila”. Maybe it’s just because it’s not what I’m used to doing, but whatever the reason, I don’t like it.

Its been hard enough adjusting to living on my own, being away from my friends, family and boyfriend back home, and I really gotta say, so far it hasn’t been worth being away from all of them. Yes I’ve made friends here, and to be honest they’ve been the main reason that I wouldn’t mind staying here longer. Its kind of been like summer camp; it’s nice to get away for a little while and meet new people, but after too long you just get tired and want to go home to the ones you know and love.

I guess in conclusion, I have no idea what I want to do anymore – but I know I could sure use a hug and a familiar face.

ps. is there such thing as a pre-mid life crisis?


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