Money and Memories

For whatever reason, today and lately the thought of spending money and material things have been on my mind, and I figured it’s about time I write a blog post about it. Being in college and just having moved to the big city, obviously my spending habits increased a little, mostly on college related things but also on a lot of non essential things.

Growing up, my parents always said that material things aren’t as important to them, because after all, you can’t take them with you when life comes to an end. I always agreed with that, but the idea of ‘well I can afford it, so why not’ always sat in the back of my head at the same time. I do have a couple of theory’s behind that though. Growing up, I’d see my parents go out and buy what I thought – whatever they wanted. For example, they wanted to go out camping more, and so, they bought a tent trailer, and if they wanted to fly somewhere, we would. However, it was what I didn’t see or piece together that made that okay. The thought behind it, the planning, the saving, the benefits, the memories & life experiences, the things that no kid really cares about when their parents buy something. And until lately, I still never put that together. The trailer benefited us in the sense that we could comfortably travel and see local parts of the world together, as a family. Whenever we flew places, it was usually to see family, and of course, to see more of the world.

Now I certainly know that I’ve been very fortunate to have grown up with the loving family I did, doing the things we wanted to do, and having the things we do, because not everybody gets that chance. In my parents’ minds, the essentials came first, and then the extras, and I truly wished I would’ve noticed that before I did. Now I’m not saying I went on a huge expensive shopping spree and now I feel bad, that’s not the purpose behind this post, what I am saying is that I actually understand were my parents were coming from this whole time, and I feel the need to share that.

As for the sense of ‘I have the money to get this, so why not’, just think of it in the sense that you could be doing a lot of things, but aren’t. Like you could be stealing everything instead of buying it, but unfortunately consequences come along with that, whether it be getting in trouble with the law, a guilty conscience, or even friends or family thinking less of you, there’s always something. Spending money on non essential things can also have a consequence, and it may not always be as obvious, and sometimes it may even be a good consequence. Most of the time, you don’t need everything that you plan to get, and really, I’ve never seen a down side to saving your money. Whether you use it to travel, help out a friend, continuing your education, or even in the event of an unexpected child – whatever comes your way, all of that adds up to unique memories and experiences that no one can take from you, and there’s really no down side to it. You may not be able to keep up with every trend that comes around, but really, that’s just another material thing.

If you have a roof over your head, someone who cares about you, and food to eat every day, life can never be truly that bad.

Take care, and I’ll type to you later.
– Kim ♥


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  1. You were a lucky kid kimmy .

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