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Movies Galore

So for media – film studies, I have to write a total of 3 movie reviews for just part of our summative on a director of our choice. Me being the Disney freak I am chose Andrew Stanton, aka the guy who either directed or co-directed A Bugs Life, Finding Nemo, and Wall-E. Then for writers craft since I’m doing the college level class, have to write a review on another movie – which I still want to find out what said movie even is.

Sounds pretty easy, 4 film reviews, I’d get the hang of it after about the 2nd one right ? Noope. I’m pretty sure that the ‘how to write about a film’ sheet in media is completely different then the one we got in writers craft, which means the one review may kind of suck. Unless for some reason I just haven’t put two and two together yet and realized that I can just use the format from media class for writers craft too, so I kinda hope that that’s the case.

Either way, yay for lots of movies 🙂

1. I just found out that Hayden Panettiere does the voice for Dot in Bug’s Life
2. Andrew Stanton not only does the voice for the bug that flies into the bug zapper in Bug’s Life, but he also does the voice for Crush in Nemo. He is my new favourite person on earth. 🙂

Toodles ♥


My Super Fabulous Journey Home

The other day I forgot to bring my iPod to school – giving me the privilege of listening to the other people on my bus. I learned how to lose weight – cause clearly I’m in need of dropping a few pounds, and like omg, like I totally like realized like, just how like totally awesome the word ‘like’ is. But that’s not even the best part. I then got the honor of listening to music that made me want to sing along and dance and love my life – you know the kind of music I always blast on my iPod anyway, loud enough to make my headphones explode, cause I enjoy things like that. Kind of like getting stung by multiple bees, or doing a belly flop, now that’s some serious fun.

Then there’s my awesome bus driver, who does a great job dealing with the children on my bus. I mean after all, aren’t we supposed to be allowed to lie on the seats with 5 other people on top? He looks like a pretty cool person though, just sitting there driving, ignoring everyone. He also has the need to continuously drive close to where the majority of us live, and back out to the middle of nowhere. Not that we don’t also live in the middle of nowhere, but compared to the rest of the people on my bus who get dropped off one by one, we live in a city. So we get to drive by farms; lots and lots of farms, filling the bus with the most sensational smell known to man. Please join me on my bus … please?

So after almost an hour of pure joy, I had to leave my bus. I don’t think I’ll ever get my license, or a car for that matter – simply because I love my bus ride home.

How Young is Too Young?

At my co-op placement the other day we were on break, and I got talking to my employer. We were talking about our families, and she asked me how old my mom is. When I told her, she was shocked. She said that you don’t hear about too many people having children that late anymore – I didn’t think it was that bad, but I guess to some people it’s a pretty big gap.
But that’s when it hit me – are people really expected to have children so young now?

I’m not terribly close with anyone who’s had children while they’re still in high school or college, but it’s not unheard of, even to me. Any of the ones that I’ve heard of, they weren’t planning on having a child so young. They had plans & goals, none of which involved having their own children.

Times haven’t really changed all that much, teenagers have always done things that they know their parents wouldn’t approve of, but still, there’s been a steady decline in numbers of teenage/young mothers. There’s multiple statistics that say why; the availability of contraceptives. Abortion, birth control, you name it – it’s all out there at anyone’s convenience. So I guess most of these people had plans that didn’t involve children too.

I don’t have much experience myself with teenage pregnancy, seeing as I don’t have my own child or know many people who have had them young, but one person that I do know has made her story clear.

She had her first child when she was only in grade 10, and had another when she would have been in grade 11. Most people know that if your pregnant, you’re not at school anymore – at least while your pregnant; so, she was forced to leave school. When told that it’s a bad example to the other students, she complained back that she didn’t see what was such a bad example – to be a pregnant teenager who wants to continue on with her education. Although before then she hid it under her clothes, it eventually became obvious. To this day she loves her kids, but there’s a constant struggle to support them and to know how to handle things peacefully.

On the other hand there’s people who wait till they’re in their 40s to have children. My aunt for example is 48, and is the mother of two boys; the youngest is two. Just imagine being in your early 60s with two teenage boys running around.

So I ask, what’s a decent age to be having children? Obviously it’s not what I had thought – and I only know three people who are/were teenage mothers.
So think about it, how young is too young?
(and then comment) 🙂