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She lies awake, patient and calm.
He lays beneath her, alone and restless.
Under his surface he tries to be happy.
She knows from his body, he is far from okay.

Laying together in comfort and warmth. Hand in hand, remaining as one.

He turns and faces away from her.
He can’t hide his pain as he walks away.
He closes one door, and then another.
Showing no emotion he leaves her to wonder.

She lies wishing she could do something more.
Shes already asked so many times.
She adores his presence as he already knows.
She continues awaiting his triumphant return.

Upon his return he remains faced away.
She can only wish he would notice her.
Her watery eyes soon overcome her.
Remaining faced away, he reveals nothing.

Lying together in comfort and warmth. Hand in hand with nothing left.

He grows impatient and leaves once more.
He pays no attention to her lonely eyes.
He can only think for himself for now.
He walks further away, emotionless he remains.

She has been taken over by ignorance and tears.
She only wishes to speak with him now.
She continues lying awake and alone.
For this moment she just needs to be loved.

They lay with great distance between them now.
But alone they continue their war.
Patience beginning to escape her mind.
Nothing at all crossing his.

Lying alone in comfort and warmth. Nothing in hand, and nothing left.

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I’m Not Her

A while ago I was looking through my facebook notes, and came across this one – so I thought I’d post it, seeing as it once again relates perfectly to my life.

Whoever she is,
Whatever she’s done,
That’s not who I am,
Nor who I’ve ever planned to be.

She’s someone I’ve never met before,
But I’m tired of taking her blame,
For the things she does, I cannot believe;
Nor can I begin to explain.

So why must I always live in her shadow,
That much I don’t understand.
Just like it’s good vs. evil;
But good is no match for her.