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Winter Break Adventures

The hollidays are done, and it’s been back to school in some new classes for me. But before I go on about what’s been happening in the new year so far, I’ll have to fill you in on my adventures over the break.

For the most part, it was your typical visiting with the family and eating a little too much food at Christmas dinners, which went well as per usual. My moms family is mainly located in Windsor, so that’s were we travelled first. Before the break began, I was informed that my grandma was unoficially diagnosed with dimensia, and the stories that my mom had told me before made it sound like she had more or less just lost her mind, but in a funny kind of way. My grandma had been apparently been making comments about how the barcode on a cleenex box was how they tracked you down, and other kind of consperacy theorys like that. I guess it might have worsened by the time I saw her, but in person, it was the farthest thing from funny. To me, we had lost her, and every little bit of who she was. She would look at me and say things like “slippers”, or the most random things you could think of (mind you we had been talking about slippers about half an hour ago). She would walk down a hallway mumbling random words with a goofy smile, sit down, and two secconds later she would get back up and walk somewhere else. Before we would always have to convince her to walk for a couple of secconds. After a while I got over the initial shock of ‘she’s nothing like the grandma I’ve known for the last 19 years’, but it’ll be a long time untill I’m fully used to it.

Things got better after that for the most part, Mark (my boyfriend) and I went skating with my mom, aunt, and cousins, which if my skates fit at the time I’m sure I would’ve stayed on the ice for a little longer. It was nice to catch up with that side of the family, since we all live multiple hours from eachother.

While we returned home safely, things remained staying well. More Christmas dinners with Mark’s family, and lots of time spent shopping (and even more time trying to get in and out of the parking lot). Everything continued going fine, that is until the 30th of December. It was very foggy out while Mark and I were driving to my house after picking up things for the new years party, throw in a weird angled intersection and my hollidays went from good to well, not so good. As well as the fog outside the car, the windows were fogged up on the inside as well. I was wiping the window on my side down so we could see who was coming, saw no one, and proceded to cross the intersection. About a third of the way through we were struck by a van that hit the back of the front wheel, came side by side, and went off in opposite directions. Although I know what happened, doesn’t nessecarily mean I remember it all – since my side got hit, the initial impact caused me to bang my head off the side window and was apparently enough for me to black out for a few secconds. Basically what I remember was wiping off the window, the sound of the hit, screaming and banging my head off the window & getting a weird taste in my mouth, and then being at the side of the road (the doctor said it was likely just a mild concussion). Although it was extremely foggy, the van that hit us was going about 80 km/h which was the speed limit for that road. Not only that, but once Mark saw the other driver he leaned over and said “hey, she looks familiar .. doesn’t she work at the store?”. Yup, not only does she own/work at the store in my hometown, but I’d known her since I was at least 5.
Vehicles asside, everyone who was involved in the accident was fine. Mark ended up having to pay a $110 ticket for failure to yeild at a stop sign (or something like that), and asside from whiplash and a sore head, I was fine. I do consider myself to be lucky that nothing worse happened, because it very easily could have. It’s just the “what if’s” that scare me the most – like, what if we were just a little bit further into the intersection, what if it was something much bigger than a van that hit us, stuff like that.

New years went well for the most part, a little less exciting than previous years, but still good.
And while I planned on going on a little bit about the new year so far, this post is surely long enough, so that will just have to wait.
Hope you all had safe and happy holidays, and I’ll type to you later.

– Kim ♥