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The View from The Outside

It’s a little bit strange, that in just a couple moments, one person can go from someone you love, to someone you both love and hate and want to just shake all the answers out of.

What I’m talking about is that one situation, added to a little bit of pre-existing frustration and judgement, minus a refusal of explanation about it, can very easily become a recipe for disaster. And that my blog readers, has been what I’ve been dealing with since about 10 minutes after my last very uplifting post.

When something is seen from a different point of view from an outsider (which in this case happened to be me), it can be seen as horrifying, when really, it’s completely harmless. And even after a vague explanation is given, it’s not until all the details are out that I was able to think clearly about it. So at least they can justify having a reason to do something that was never taken into consideration of how it would look to someone on the outside looking in.

What still bothers me a little, is that I’ve fought so hard for so long for an explanation that could have been given a long time ago and avoided this whole thing. And now that the whole, non threatening truth finally came out, I just feel numb – sort of like I’d been dumped and then tried to stay friends right away. However that wasn’t the case, and me and my fiance are pretty well back to being okay with eachother; it’ll just take a little bit of time before these scars are completely healed.


I’m sorry if this didnt make much or any sence at all, it was just something I had to write about, in my own kind of secret way. That and I’ve gotten around 4 hours of sleep in the last two days, and it’s currently one in the morning.