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The Wedding

I was talking with my mom the other night, and she asked me why I’m in such a rush to get married to my fiancé. I figured, if even she doesn’t know, it’s probably worth doing a blog post about.

The way I see it, if you want something don’t let anything get in your way, just do it. I often aim to please everyone I can, especially those who are close to me, mainly because I fear rejection & disappointment. But this is different. It’s something that I want, something that will make me happy, and something I’m determined to do. If you know it’s right, why wait around ? I’ll still be my own person, doing what I want, going back to school, but with a husband; I don’t see a problem with that.
To most, marriage typically means settling down, starting life together, buying a house, having kids; well, whatever floats your boat. We started our lives together 2 and a bit years ago, getting married won’t change either of our ambitions, we’ll still have time for those. And yes we’ll probably have time to get married later, but like I said, why wait around ? You never know what life might throw at you next.