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Random Crap Floating ’round my Mind

Until now, I’ve never had to deal competing with anyone for attention. Growing up as an only child I got all the attention I ever wanted, and even got it when the last thing I wanted was attention; that’s just what I’m used to. This may seem silly, but to me it’s the farthest thing from it. Now I don’t want to go into detail about who it is or what’s been happening, but lets just say the result is a not very happy Kim. I guess I can start by saying that I don’t quite understand why I’m receiving less attention from person A now that person B has come along, especially since I’ve known both of them longer then they’ve even known eachother.

I hope this isn’t coming off as whiney – and I’m sure if I came accross this I’d be the one saying ‘oh boo hoo, there’s worse things in life to be sad about’, but let’s just say person A plays a fairly significant role in my life. Go ahead, call me jealous, I won’t deny it, but my real point here is I just don’t get it, and I wish I was able to talk to person A about it without them looking at me like I’m a brainless idiot for reacting the way I am. Another thing, I’ve hardly ever talked to anyone about stupid personal issues lately other then person A. So blog, until then, prepare to be spammed with the random crap floating around my mind that I probably shouldn’t be posting for my own dignity’s sake.

– Kim.